Sunday, April 12, 2009


I hope everyone has a beautiful day.

Friday, April 10, 2009

What A MONTH!!

If anyone out there has moved in the past few months, I feel your pain. We just moved from an apartment to a beautiful house. It has been tough with school, work and the family, but we got it done. It is a great little place in a wonderful neighborhood and, we finally have a yard. YEAH!!! My DS has had a blast being able to go outside and have a place to run and play of his own. I did not realize how little privacy we had living in an apartment, until now. It feels good to have our own little place to call home. We still have a few things in boxes, but it is coming together nicely. I have definitely been having crafting withdrawals. Soon it will be summer and I will have more time to get things done. My DH and I were able to drive around and check out some of the local shops and I am so excited to say, we are surrounded by antique and thrift stores. I am in heaven!!! Now I have to figure out how to have a free minute at the same time I get a free buck to spend.