Monday, November 9, 2009

My Donation to Locks of Love!!!

I just wanted to show everyone my donation to Locks of Love. This is a great non-profit organization that provides hairpieces for financially disadvantaged children who are suffering from medical long term hair loss, from any diagnosis, in the U.S. and Canada. I have been wanting to cut my hair for quite some time but always had an excuse not to, so finally here is the result.

I still cannot believe that I was walking around with that mess on my head and after it was cut it looked like a dead rat laying on the counter. Lol!!! There was not even a tear shed, yes it was time for it to go. When I came home my son, who will be 3 next week, said "Oh Momma your hairs all gone, I'm gonna go get you some more hair." He even jumped in his motorized car like he was going to the store, lol. I have to say that I am soooooo happy with my cut, and believe it or not I have natural curly hair so I can wear it curly or straight, it is very versatile. I am thankful that I could help out even with such a small gesture. I hope everyone has a beautiful day and happy scrapin!

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Felicia said...

Thanks for the comment - i actually got the canvas finished and alot planned for the two minis i have to give this month. We're decorating the sitting room at the moment, so i had to help lay the wood floor - i like jobs like that, but its taking up crafting time!!
You were very brave to cut your hair, it looks lovely!