Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The King

Just a quick 12x12 layout I did using the sketch from Sketchy Thursdays Secret Sketch Challenge.


johnny said...

Brandy can i please talk to my son. I understand that you are upset that we are no longer together. I do love you guys very much. you did not allow josh to call me last night and my heart is broken. please let my son call me or please answer the phone so i may speak with him. please do not take anything out on him by not allowing us to talk. i love josh very much and please i beg you let me talk to my son.

johnny said...

thank you for letting josh call me. it is very hard to not have the two best people i have ever had in my life and not be able to talk to them. i hope you are doing well and i also wanted to let you know how gifted you are and i always loved your scrap art. i hope someday we can be friends again.