Monday, March 8, 2010

Weekly Gratitude

Today I would like to start a weekly post that I have seen a few other bloggers doing of what they are grateful for. This is a great way to put everything in check and realize how great we have it. I seen this on a fellow blogger's site for some time now and have been planning on starting it but haven’t seemed to get around to it. With family, school and working full-time my blog seems to be put on the backburner. I love checking everyone’s blog. I hope to have a blog someday that other people would love to wake up to in the morning and it is on their list of blogs to check while drinking their morning coffee. I know it will take time and effort to get there but this is a future goal. If you’ve made it this far thanks for listening to me ramble, now on to the good stuff.

For this week, my weekly gratitude is time. With having such a busy schedule I am so grateful to have the time three days a week to spend with my darling son (Josh), and allow him to set in the driver’s seat of my vehicle where he can pretend to drive. As most of you know how focused three year olds can be, Josh is focused on cars. He gets so much enjoyment out of being able to play with the steering wheel, all the buttons that he can turn and push, and putting the seat belt on and taking it off. I go to school three nights a week and on those nights I meet my husband at a neutral spot to swap out our son. I joke that we are sharing custody because we have such opposite schedules and our time together is very limited. These are just a few sacrifices as a parent and spouses that we make every day to create a better life for our children. I would also like to say thank you to my husband for sticking with me through this time and remind him and myself that it will pay off in the end. I hope everyone remembers to focus on the positive, believe me I know how tuff this can be. This is why I am so grateful for time.

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Anonymous said...

Oh how cool is that! I so admire you guys and the sacrifices and planning you do to improve your lives and the future for your family. You encourage me every day and for that I say "Thank You!"

Love you,